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Swindell Dressler developed the first tunnel kiln for the whiteware industry and continues to be an innovator in the advancement of whiteware kilns. Our latest designs incorporate the highest quality construction materials and components, providing reliable run-time due to reduced maintenance.

Swindell Dressler’s state-of-the-art control system allows the kiln to be automatically started with the initiation of a single push button (hardware or software). This allows for remote access to start the kiln and incorporates all the latest safety standards. This system eliminates the need for operators to intervene with the kiln as there is no need to turn off valves, change loop status or open main safety valves, etc. This minimizes the time to restart the kiln which minimizes loss of production and ware.

The SILVER CLOUD™ Tunnel & Shuttle Kiln Systems reduce design cycles thus increasing production without compromising temperature uniformity. In addition to lowering capital and operating costs the kilns provide faster firing enabling you to respond to your customers' requirements quickly.

Key Benefits

  • Excellent temperature uniformity
  • Latest design technologies
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Pulse firing technology
  • Automation solutions
  • Safety
  Types of Kilns & Auxiliary Equipment

Two Door Shuttle Kiln for Whiteware Products   Transfer Station for a Continuous Tunnel Kiln   Product exiting a Tunnel Kiln          

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