Shuttle Kilns

A Shuttle Kiln is a car-bottom kiln with a door on one or both ends. Burners are positioned top and bottom on each side, creating a turbulent circular air flow. This type of kiln is generally a multi-car design and is used for processing whitewares, technical ceramics, and refractories in batches. Depending upon size and weight of ware, shuttle kilns may be equipped with car moving devices to transfer fired and unfired cars in and out of the kiln. Shuttle kilns can be either updraft or downdraft in design. A Shuttle Kiln derives its name from the fact that kiln cars can enter a shuttle kiln from either end of the kiln for processing, whereas a tunnel kiln has flow in only one direction.

Two Door Shuttle Kiln with Exhaust Stack   Shuttle Kiln with Vertical Doors              

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