Service Contracts

Swindell Dressler offers a full range of combustion services regardless of the original equipment manufacturer.

  • Combustion tune-ups for gas fired systems related to kilns, dryers and afterburner systems.
  • Operator training on heat treat related equipment such as kilns, dryers, afterburner systems, thermal oxidizers and various types of heating systems.
  • Specifically designed courses for training existing employees and newly hired employees alike.
  • Supply of project and construction supervision to insure proper field installation for all proposed projects.
  • Commissioning/startup engineers for all project work.
  • Process Analysis, with its multiple disciplined engineers (Ceramic, Electrical, Mechanical, Combustion and Civil) offers evaluations of current operational/control practices for the firing and drying process.
  • On-Site Inspections with areas of expertise as follows:
    • Repairs and upgrades to existing equipment
    • Safety evaluations and recommendations for corrective action
    • Energy audits to define potential areas for future savings
    • Inspection and recommendations for modifications to replace or improve existing combustion equipment
    • Replace outdated instrumentation
    • Inspection of and recommendations for the replacement of existing kiln refractories as required for repairs or changes required to permit operation at elevated temperature due to customer or QC mandated requirements

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