Swindell Dressler as part of its quest to improve the efficiency and quality related to the Tunnel and Shuttle Brick Kilns and the Technical Ceramic Bell Kiln industry is proud to be associated with the following:

The National Brick Center
The National Brick Center is an industrially funded organization providing research, education, and service to producers and users of clay bricks and other ceramic materials. (The Center seeks to augment the educational process of University students and be an important contributor to the University’s mission in research and public service.

The Brick Industry Association
The Brick Industry Association is the national trade association representing distributors and manufacturers of clay brick and suppliers of related products and services. BIA's primary mission is to increase the market share of clay brick and safeguard the industry. Since its founding in 1934, the association has been the nationally recognized authority on clay brick construction and represents the industry in all model building code forums and national standards committees. BIA is involved in a broad range of activities that appeal to architects, builders, community officials, and consumers, including technical notes on brick construction, brick in architecture, brick in home building, builder notes, national awards competitions, educational seminars, and numerous other programs. BIA also advocates the industry at the federal, state, and local level with its environmental, health, and safety work as well as educational programs for local municipal and planning officials. Along with the national headquarters, BIA is comprised of regional associations that manage programs in the Heartland, Midwest/Northeast, Southeast, and Southwest.

The American Ceramics Society
The American Ceramics Society advances the study, understanding, and the use of ceramic and related materials. More than 9,500 scientists, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators, students, marketing and sales professionals from more than 60 countries make up the members of The American Ceramic Society. Every day, materials professionals use ceramics to pioneer energy solutions, advance medicine, improve the environment, support manufacturing innovations, and make life better. Often hidden, ceramic components are critical in nearly everything that makes modern life possible - from computers, cell phones, jet engines and armor, to skis, tennis rackets and hip replacements.

The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition
The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition is a united group of industry, academic, and government leaders working collectively to strengthen the areas fuel cell industry and to accelerate the transformation of the region to global leadership in fuel cell technology

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