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Swindell Dressler International Company is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We were founded by Phillip Dressler in 1915 as American Dressler Tunnel Kilns, Inc. The first whiteware tunnel kiln - developed by Dressler - was built for Universal Rundle in 1915. The first oil-fired refractory tunnel kiln was built by Dressler for Norton Company in 1919.

Swindell Dressler HistoryIn 1930, American Dressler Tunnel Kilns, Inc., merged with William Swindell and Brothers to form Swindell-Dressler Corporation. The Swindell brothers designed, built, and repaired metallurgical heat treating systems for the steel and aluminum industries. The new company offered extensive heat-treating capabilities to heavy industry worldwide.

Pullman Incorporated of Chicago purchased Swindell-Dressler in 1959. The company expanded into the fields of heavy engineering and construction. By 1970, Swindell-Dressler was called Pullman Swindell. By 1980, Pullman Swindell had designed and built a variety of plants in countries such as Poland, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Canada, and the USA .

In 1980, Wheelabrator-Frye acquired Pullman, Inc. Pullman Swindell was teamed with The Rust Engineering Company, the sixth largest engineering firm in the USA. The Swindell heat treating group was sold. The original ceramic group, under the name Swindell-Dressler, moved to our present location just outside Pittsburgh in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania in the mid-1980's. Swindell Dressler's facilities include sales, administrative, and engineering offices, as well as development laboratories and assembly shops.

In 1991, Swindell Dressler International Company (SDIC) was purchased by private investors from Pittsburgh. The revitalized company has expanded into worldwide markets as well as continuing to provide services to American markets. With a satellite office in Aguascalientes, Mexico, SDIC can ride the wave of development in the global marketplace.

Swindell Dressler International Company is now in a strong position to meet our clients' needs well into this century.


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