Dryer/Preheater Kilns

Hydraulically powered units are available for continuous, intermittent, and true continuous applications. PLC based controls with touch screen displays at local, remote, and central control sites make these systems easy to operate and highly reliable. Our new IPS system described here represents the very best in tunnel kiln schedule control:

The I.P.S. (Innovative Pushing System) true continuous kiln car pusher is a leap forward in design and functionality from yesterday's kiln pushers. This system has eliminated the need for awkward pulleys, wire ropes, limit switch towers, and lengthy calculations for pusher rate adjustments. The internal feedback system automatically compensates for mass, temperature, and other selected dynamic changes. A touch pad located on the control panel contains all the pusher functions your operator requires. A few of these panel features are:

  • Digital input and output screens
  • Alarm screens
  • Graphical representation of cylinder position
  • Speed control screen
  • Pressure reading screen
  • Dial-up access

Operator-friendly speed control requires only entry of the number of Cars Per Day (CPD). The I.P.S. will establish and maintain the desired rate automatically.

Dryer for Brick Manufacturing                  

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