Car Tracking

Swindell Dressler's Plant Wide Car Tracking System monitors kiln car information as cars travel anywhere throughout the plant. With user-friendly graphical interfaces, car and product locations can be displayed in an instant. Bar code, RFID, or other scanners automatically read car numbers at each car transfer point, thus eliminating manual intervention, even when cars are physically removed from the system. Each car is assigned vital product and car code information. The Product Code associated with each car contains all product related information including drying and firing parameters. These product codes, in combination with the car location, can then be used to perform dynamic setpoint downloads. Dynamic setpoints allow temperature setpoints, damper adjustments, and other operating parameters to be automatically changed as new products cycle through the process. The setpoints can also be configured to automatically adjust for rate changes in the firing process. This allows for a totally automated firing process, virtually eliminating the need for operator intervention. The car tracking system also collects car thermal history as it travels through the kiln. This data provides a record of the firing curve for each individual car. This data is then archived to a database for a comparison with other kiln cars. Customer compliance information, maintenance flags, dynamic parameters, troubleshooting, product matching, and other knowledge can be gleaned from this archived data.

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