Bell Kilns

Bell kilns are custom designed by Swindell Dressler International Company. SDIC offers different combustion systems for a variety of kiln shapes and sizes as required by the clients.

The Bell Kiln derives its name from its totally enclosed 5-sided kiln structure. This style of kiln consists of a shell that is lifted vertically by hydraulic cylinders and a car bottom on which the shell rests. Bell kilns are often chosen for use in the technical ceramics and refractory industries for batch-fired production. Major benefits include high uniformity of kiln temperature through the use of staggered top and bottom burners on all sides, and minimal square footage plant requirements compared to other types of kilns. Bell kilns use a downdraft exhaust system to significantly improve temperature uniformity by pulling the exhaust gases to the coldest part of the kiln (bottom center of the car). Bell kilns can easily be moved from one location to another if required.

Bell Kiln for Technical Ceramics   Bell Kiln              

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