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About Swindell Dressler International Company

Swindell Dressler International Company (SDIC) provides products and services, from the custom kiln requirements of the ceramics industry to car moving and clay preparation systems for clients worldwide. SDIC has forged technical breakthroughs for the heavy clay, technical ceramics, carbon and whiteware kiln industries. Using these cutting-edge technologies, SDIC can meet the kiln requirements of both start-up industries in developing countries to established technical ceramics or brick companies.

Our people have always been Swindell Dressler's true strength. Most of our engineering, service, and sales staff have come up through the ranks of our workforce. SDIC's field teams have developed the unique skill sets to see a project through from kick-off to commissioning. Our hands-on approach to design and engineering has created satisfied repeat clients throughout the world.

We are proud to have:

  • Designed and built the first Low-Set™ brick plant in the world. The flexibility and speed of the Low-Set™ kiln enables brick manufacturers to expand their niche in the marketplace.
  • Emerged as a quality provider of bell kilns and shuttle kilns to the technical ceramics and refractory industries.
  • Refined our first-fire and refire whiteware kilns to provide the maximum return on our clients' investment in the expanding whitewares industry.

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